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My Dear friends

With great pleasure, I would like to announce the formation of Telugu Association of Perth (TAP) for the social and cultural development of Telugu People of Western Australia. TAP is a non-profit organisation to serve Telugu people and their associates. I congratulate you all for the successful launch of TAP after several months of hard work. I am proud to be the founding Executive President of this vibrant community. I thank you all for having faith in me and electing unanimously. I promise that I will utilise this opportunity to do my best in serving our community.

We are all one and will be one. This is just a structured face lift given to our aims and objectives. We are fortunate to have so many volunteers and as a result the membership of our Association multiplied in no time.

We, Telugu people, have migrated from our mother land India and settled in different parts of the world. Though Telugu people have landed long ago in Western Australia, which is very rich in minerals and resources, there is no formal Society or Association till recent days. Australia’s multi racial, multi cultural broad outlook in recent years has paved a way for many Telugu people to congregate to Australia

Our community in Perth is growing rapidly and it is estimated that there are more than 2000 people live in Perth. Telugu’s have a unique culture and the community can’t sustain its heritage without an organisation which aims to cater for its welfare. Telugu Association of Perth (TAP) came into existence based on simple principle of "everyone of us are equal and are respectable". The sole purpose of bringing our Telugu community together is to keep our culture and language alive, through cultural as well as community activities. I assure you, TAP will provide equal platform for all. All we have is life-membership for students and the rest which is also very nominal. We have great doctors, engineers, lawyers, educationists and other learned dignitaries as our members.

My personal message to you all is very simple. Live and let others live. A seed sown in the soil will not fight with the soil, water or air to become a tree. We must accept all humankind and help each other in need. We have absolute democratic system from day one. Our Executive Committee is very dynamic. My immediate priority is to form a cell to assist new Telugu migrants and students coming to Western Australia.

Politics have everything to do with us. Please do learn politics for the better cause. The freedom of expression is one of the fundamentals of democracy. We also know in a democratic society, there will be many who oppose, argue and the art to convince and govern as one is another fundamentals of democracy.

Power and corruption is always talked as inseparable. It is not the power that makes one corrupt but it is the fear of loosing power. In my words power is just like any job you and I hold and so it is our job to just exercise our duties without any unwanted aspirations.

Lastly, let us all have a vision and try for the betterment of our people. We all should have the urge to be perfect, knowledge to know, willingness and eagerness to achieve perfection. It doesn’t matter if we don’t achieve the perfection but we should do our best to stay as role models. Let all of us put our knowledge and wisdom together to achieve our goals and vision.

“It is our knowledge we gained, lets us know that tomato is fruit not a vegetable, but it is our wisdom by which we never consider it in fruit salad”

Prasad Katekolla, Executive President

Executive Commitee

Executive President

Prasad Kattekola

Executive Vice-President

Naveen Potluri

Executive General Secretary

Shravan Panuganti

Executive Joint Secretary

Sanjana Nayaki

Executive Treasurer

Srikanth Merudi

Executive Assistant Treasurer

Kalyan Gudivada

Cultural Events & New Migrant Coordinator

Srikanth Mutpuri

Sports & Leisure Activities Coordinator

Krishna Kalluri

Information Technology Coordinator

Rahul V

Women Interests Coordinator

Sireesha Sure

Religious Events Coordinator

Not Filled

Students & Youth Affairs Coordinator

Not Filled

Executive Member

Sreekantha Reddy Obulareddy

Executive Member

Chetan Muddasani

Executive Member

Rajashekar Garakurthi

Executive Member

Vijay Kallam

Executive Member

Raju Prasad Majji

Executive Member

Narsingarao Pandra


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